Two Tone

"I have been on a seemingly never ending hunt for a quality pill case / fob that I could keep on my keychain, and I was appalled at the garbage that was being offered.

I found these Cielo designed holders that look incredible, and don't scream dollar store clearance bin, and this persons about to die pills inside. I wanted something classy that doesn't announce I'm sick or have a problem. What this company offers is the Rolex of pill fobs. They are built like a swiss bank vault, and look like fine jewelry ( not the fragile kind,,just the expensive kind). The neat thing, people won't know exactly what it is unless you tell them.

If you were handed one of these and were told they cost a hundred bucks, you would look it over, and then say I can see that. That kind of quality at more than half that price. Hand machined, some with facets like diamonds, each with custom colors and scratch resistant finishes, all made in the USA.

And what's with the unique top design like a T shape. Ever try and open a bottle that the lid was on too tight, or had lotion on your hands, or arthritis flair up and can't get it open. This design gurantees it will open when you need it. Unlike some of those old type aluminum holders that stick shut with the weather. Good men and women have died because they couldn't get those cheap holders open in an emergency.

Yes Cielo holders cost more. Yes they are the ultimate pill holder. Can't justify the price?
My suggestion, skip going out for a meal one night and buy yourself something that can add to the quality of your life, save your life, and last all your life.

I also did a water test. Did some extreme underwater testing in Mexico. Had Cielo loaded with pills and placed in front pocket. Zip lined 500 feet into river at 35 miles per hour to a depth of four feet. Next did cave river swiming at a depth of three to four feet for one hour. All pills remained dry."

- By Professor H on November 19, 2015

The Slate Collection

Our 100% Stainless Steel and Titanium keychain pill fobs combine supreme utility with understated style. Showcase your commitment to quality and craftsmanship with your perfect Cielo Pill Holder.  

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Designer Collection

Our Designer Pill Holders are available in fun, bold colors for when you (or someone you love) wants to make a strong fashion statement. Smooth and ridged “T” turns atop a slender, solid chamber. Playful sporty style is young and fresh.

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What if your pill holder had the same tough, hard-working attitude that you do?

What if your keychain pill fob was so well made that you actually wanted to show it off (instead of hiding it)? What if you could run it over with a forklift and it didn't break? What if its precious contents stayed dry - no matter where you took it?

Every detail matters at Cielo. We design and build our pill fobs in the USA to make sure you have an exceptional experience. You can count on it for even your toughest adventures, so where will you take it next?

I designed Cielo
Pill Holders for you.

You take pride in a job well done, and so do I. I hope the details of your Cielo Pill Holder delight you every day.

Chris Boerner
Founder, Cielo Pill Holders

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