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Cielo is a refreshingly uncommon, thoughtfully designed pill holder that offers a beautiful way to carry pills.



Our original design

Our original design crafted of 100% stainless steel. Its weight in your hand is unmistakable. Cylindrical lines and a uniform shape — The Slate collection embraces utility with understated elegance.                          


Our boldest collection

Our sleekest line in durable powder coated and anodized hues. Smooth and ridged “T” turns atop a slender, solid chamber. Playful style with a touch of sport. A strong sense of self. A welcome pop of color. 


Turn heads

Our Peacock Collection knows how to turn heads. Featuring metallic PVD finishes that set off their unique luminosity, each shape catches the light —revealing brilliant reflections in its facets and curves. 

This pill holder is stylish. I can have my pills with me at all times, in plain sight, but nobody notices.
— Emily - Seattle
You know how sometimes you just KNOW about a product’s quality? With these pill holders, there’s something about the feel of it, the weight, the way it opens and closes, etc, etc - it’s just made very, VERY well.
— T. J. - St. Louis
The last pill carrier you will ever need!
— Allan - Cleveland