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Cielo Pill Holder Design Sketch

What if your pill holder was a source of beauty and pride? What if it was so well made and stunningly gorgeous that you actually smiled when you used it? What if you could take it scuba diving and your pills still stayed dry? What if it gave you a moment of unexpected joy in your day?

Cielo Pill Holder Design Sketch

When I started Cielo, I knew the only way to do it right was to put great design at its very core. I envisioned a product that was beautiful to the eye, but just as impressive in the thoughtfulness of its design. From the feel of the metals, to the satisfying closure of the O-ring seal, every detail should be deliberate. I had a vision, I needed someone with great design expertise to bring it to life.

Laura Handler is a master of product design, I knew she was exactly the right partner. As the creative director and owner of Handler, she has worked with some of the great luxury and iconic brands, including Cartier, Pomellato, Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Crate & Barrel, and the Museum of Modern Art. Laura's tireless efforts as well as a partnership with a stellar local manufacturer were the keys that brought my vision for Cielo to life.

Cielo means sky, it reflects the happiness I find when I have a moment to breathe in the fresh outside air and look into the limitless blue sky. I hope your Cielo Pill Holder will give you moments of unexpected joy every day.

Cielo Packaging

The Slate Collection

Our 100% Stainless Steel and Titanium keychain pill fobs combine supreme utility with understated style. Showcase your commitment to quality and craftsmanship with your perfect Cielo Pill Holder.  

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Designer Collection

Our Designer Pill Holders are available in fun, bold colors for when you (or someone you love) wants to make a strong fashion statement. Smooth and ridged “T” turns atop a slender, solid chamber. Playful sporty style is young and fresh.

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What if your pill holder had the same tough, hard-working attitude that you do?

What if your keychain pill fob was so well made that you actually wanted to show it off (instead of hiding it)? What if you could run it over with a forklift and it didn't break? What if its precious contents stayed dry - no matter where you took it?

Every detail matters at Cielo. We design and build our pill fobs in the USA to make sure you have an exceptional experience. You can count on it for even your toughest adventures, so where will you take it next?

I designed Cielo
Pill Holders for you.

You take pride in a job well done, and so do I. I hope the details of your Cielo Pill Holder delight you every day.

Chris Boerner
Founder, Cielo Pill Holders

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