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French Gold & Pale Grey Keychain Pill Holder

ACCLAIMED DESIGN: Our designer keychain pill holders turned heads at Vogue where editors flipped for their sparkly, metallic finishes. Each holds 8 aspirin sized tablets.

100% WATERPROOF: The fine threads and rubber O-ring protect the meds you keep in this pill fob keychain. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our pill box keychains are built in the USA. Email me if I can help in any way -

EASY TO OPEN: Finely milled threads give this pillbox the smoothest open & close. Easy to use everywhere - as a pill organizer for your keychain, in your pocket or purse, or as a designer nitro necklace (chain not included). 

MISSION DRIVEN: “As a woman with an autoimmune condition, I know you need a sturdy (AND stylish) pill case for your keyring, and I want Cielo to make a difference. That’s why I donate 5% of profits to autoimmune disease research.” - Chris, Founder 

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Capacity: 8 aspirin sized pills
Inner Diameter: 0.45 inches
Chamber Height: 1.8 inches
Total Height: 2.2 inches
Weight: 0.8 oz
Cylinder material: Durable powder coated aluminum
Cap material: Stainless steel with a lasting French Gold PVD finish
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Unmistakable Commitment to Quality and Craftsmanship


Medical grade stainless steel design so tough, you can run it over with a car and it won't break


Thanks to an O-ring and finely milled threads so precisely constructed you can even scuba dive with it


5% of all proceeds donated to the Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle, dedicated to searching for a cure to autoimmune illnesses.


Optimal capacity means it's small enough to hang right on your keychain, so you never forget your pills.


Makes carrying any type of pills (medication, allergy pills, birth control) joyful, reliable, and discreet.

Customer Testimonials

"I have been diabetic for over two decades. In that time I have gone through many different options to hold my glucose tablets (tabs). However, I also lead a very active lifestyle which means I have also broken many of these other options. Plastic bags with tabs in them resulted in broken tabs and a powdery mess. The plastic holders on the market broke and/or opened dropping my tabs on the ground or in my pocket (lint covered glucose tabs are worse than the tabs alone). I wanted something that was highly durable, waterproof, and looked good...enter the Cielo Extra-Wide Holder. This case holds four glucose tabs. Has a tight seal at the top and a very durable key ring for attaching it to your key chain or glucose testing kit as I do. Not to mention, this comes in an amazing box suitable for wrapping as a gift. After tossing good money after bad on buying cheap plastic cases this high-end holder is just what the doctor ordered!"
- Montgomery Brantley

"This was a great buy. I have had colon surgery and need to take imodium regularly now. I keep it in old medicine bottles stashed in places that I would be throughout my day. I work as a state inspector and am on the road often, so I carry my things in a messenger bag or small pack. Some trips are local so I don't think to take them with me sometimes, so having this on my key chain has been a blessing. You might forget a bag, but how often do you forget your keys? It is the perfect size to keep a few pills handy on your keychain and it really isn't noticeable in your pocket. It is also a lot more discreet than a pill bottle."
- DoninWV

"This holder is solid. It feels like great quality. I was looking for something to hold 4 smaller pills. I was able to easily fit that in here and I put some small pieces of cotton at the bottom and top to keep them from rattling around. I also like the key ring even is good quality and isn't just a cheap ring they threw on a nice holder. The gasket looks like it is very flexible and would be easy to change out if it goes bad. I've had it on my key chain for about a week now and its got some expected scratches from other keys but still looks great."
- Michael D. Hamm

"I ordered my pill holder from "CIELO" . I spoke to Chris who is exceptionally nice and very understanding and very helpful . Chris helps out to make the right decision which pill holder will work for each individual .She helped me out as well and I'm extremely happy with my porches . The pill holders are very well made from a very high quality S/S .and very strong and water proof too .I enjoy them a lot . I wear it as a neckless and It becomes a nice conversation piece because it's very discreet looking and not obvious and everyone wants to know what it is ? Thank you for producing such a great product and made in USA."
- Hadassah

"I recently had a heart attack and learned that I must carry nitroglycerin everywhere I go. The first thing I did was buy this tiny quality pill holder to attach to my key ring. I am going to get other ones to keep at strategic locations around my environment. The "quality" part is important because this product will not have a top the loosens over time and comes off."
- Marbo Hansen

"This is not cheap, but you get your money's worth in terms of style, function, materials, and workmanship. Titanium is light, attractive, and so tough that it won't easily be scratched on a keychain with random metal keys whacking at it all day. Holds a limited number of actual pills (like six for me) but as long as it's big enough you don't want a larger case, or the pills will roll around more and fall apart. Recommend lubricating the threads and seal (it's truly water-tight, even air-tight) with graphite powder if you can. "
- Teh Arbitrageur

"I appreciated this from the moment I put my first pills inside and they fit perfectly. I was about ready to order another one when it went missing for a couple of days (I keep in in my pocket, not on a keychain). I've LOVED it ever since it went through a pre-wash, wash, and extra rinse cycle and the two pills inside were completely dry and intact. GREAT PRODUCT!!!"
- Sherrie D.

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What if your pill holder had the same tough, hard-working attitude that you do?

What if your keychain pill fob was so well made that you actually wanted to show it off (instead of hiding it)? What if you could run it over with a forklift and it didn't break? What if its precious contents stayed dry - no matter where you took it?

Every detail matters at Cielo. We design and build our pill fobs in the USA to make sure you have an exceptional experience. You can count on it for even your toughest adventures, so where will you take it next?

I designed Cielo
Pill Holders for you.

You take pride in a job well done, and so do I. I hope the details of your Cielo Pill Holder delight you every day.

Chris Boerner
Founder, Cielo Pill Holders

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